You’re interested in working with a functional medicine clinician, but you’re wondering what it entails.

Well, it depends.

There are a variety of functional medicine practice methods. Some clinicians work with clients in person; others work virtually. Some clinicians offer a combination of in-person and virtual visits. The Cleveland Clinic opened an FM clinic a couple of years ago. In the near future, we’re sure to see more FM clinics within prestigious medical facilities.

Functional medicine is an in-depth investigation into your health.

Functional medicine clinicians perform in-depth assessments using forms the client completes on their own, and through a detailed interview. After the initial assessment, dietary and lifestyle recommendations are made, and selective lab tests ordered.

Once lab results have been received by your clinician, your results will be carefully reviewed, underlying patterns (root causes) of your symptoms will be identified, recommendations for further testing will be made, and a personalized treatment protocol will be developed for you that includes dietary and lifestyle suggestions, along with recommendations for supplements and botanicals.

Working with a functional medicine clinician is a partnership. You will not just be handed a prescription for a medication and sent on your way. Instead, you’ll roll up your sleeves and get to work. Your health is a priority as you address your diet, lifestyle, and follow healing protocols designed for you.

Getting better takes time.

Functional medicine is not a quick fix. Whatever health challenges you are facing took time to develop and will take time to improve. Some people may experience significant improvement within days, for others, it can take months or longer.

Side benefits are common.

One of the beautiful outcomes of functional medicine is side benefits. Side benefits happen as multiple symptoms improve as a result of a treatment plan that implements nutrition, lifestyle, and incorporates personalized treatment protocols that support your health.


Your functional medicine clinician will recommend follow-up appointments and testing as needed depending on your circumstances.


You’ll learn about your health and develop an improved sense of how to take care of yourself. You’ll find that you will be less likely to need additional care in the future. You may choose to have lab work done yearly to monitor your health and to catch any concerns early when they are easier to address.